Time Matters

An initiate embarking on his/her soul path is often taught that time does not exist and encouraged to flow within life circumstances. Yet as he/she transgresses through levels of Heart opening, an initiate realizes time does indeed exist within the energetic realms where humans reside. In fact, time is one of the defining laws of… Continue reading Time Matters

Getting “down & dirty” rolling your dung ball!

Last month I was gifted with an amazing milkweed beetle photo shoot at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve. The following day Facebook (FB) memories brought up my encounter a year ago with an Eastern Hercules Beetle, the largest beetle in the United States. … and the Eastern Hercules Beetle is a scarab beetle, the totem for my… Continue reading Getting “down & dirty” rolling your dung ball!

Flowing within & through resistance

A common barrier to Living within the Veils of the Heart is resisting the flow of “change” within our lives. Though “change” is inevitable and a consistent life factor, Humans tend to resist embracing “change” at varying degrees. Even for the adventuresome who overall embrace “change,” there is generally an area (or two, or three… Continue reading Flowing within & through resistance

Waste Not: Nature’s Culture

Earlier this evening the Fingertip Press published the Zero Waste in ACTION Blog article, Zero Waste CULTURE, a necessary ingredient for long-term ZW program success. Over many millennia, Humans evolved into a profoundly wasteful species. SURREAL: a Human culture respectful of our limited resources must be cultivated. A major component of my Elemental Impact work is to “wake-up”… Continue reading Waste Not: Nature’s Culture

Living within the Veils of the Heart

What is Sustainability of the Spirit (SOS)? Simply, a joyful heart sustains the Spirit. A joyful heart requires healing deep wounds from the past, whether this lifetime or another time space, and discovering one’s personal Truth. It takes courage, tenacity and perseverance to heal wounds and remove barriers crafted long ago to “protect” the heart.… Continue reading Living within the Veils of the Heart