Time Matters

April 3 Delicate New Growth

An initiate embarking on his/her soul path is often taught that time does not exist and encouraged to flow within life circumstances. Yet as he/she transgresses through levels of Heart opening, an initiate realizes time does indeed exist within the energetic realms where humans reside. In fact, time is one of the defining laws of human existence along with like energy attracts like energy, polarities within energy fields, and more.

In a Ronna Herman channelling a decade or so ago, Archangel Michael gently encouraged the initiate to decide if he/she was going to pursue his/her soul path or not. Without judgment, Michael explained there was minimal “human time” remaining to accomplish soul work. Michael was clear that time was of essence for soul-work accomplishments.

For those on their soul path, the Angels and Intergalactic Beings work diligently to align life circumstances that introduce encounters, incidents, and other magical experiences into the initiate’s daily life. There are no coincidences, only intersections within well orchestrated grid systems that seem miraculous. An initiate living within the Heart “knows” when to go to the store, take a different route home, or some other action whispered from the Heart. When these whispers are followed, human life on Earth seems magical.

Heart whispers are essential to capturing magical photographic images, especially those of the “tween worlds” where the faeries and elementals (water sprites, gnomes, tree spirits and more) reside.

April 14 Healthy Young Leaves

On April 3 during an incredibly busy week, I grabbed the camera and walked the neighborhood loop with my macro lens and tripod. One of the many spring rebirth photos captured was delicate new growth emerging from the strength of an established branch. The caption flowed through the Fingertip Press: Delicate new growth on mature trees exemplifies the vulnerability within even the strongest Beings.

Eleven days later in between strong rain showers, I again walked the neighborhood loop yet with only my iPhone in hand. It was intriguing to discover how quickly the new growth matured into lovely leaves. … and clearly I heard “Time Matters” as the iPhone captured the lovely leaves.

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