Living within the Veils of the Heart

What is Sustainability of the Spirit (SOS)? Simply, a joyful heart sustains the Spirit.

A joyful heart requires healing deep wounds from the past, whether this lifetime or another time space, and discovering one’s personal Truth. It takes courage, tenacity and perseverance to heal wounds and remove barriers crafted long ago to “protect” the heart.

Single dew drop
A single, tiny dew drop is a gateway to the many dimensions of life intertwined within our perceived reality.

Discovering one’s personal Truth requires breaking connections to social consciousness. Truth, living within the heart, requires placing Self first and foremost. Yet social consciousness labels such behavior selfish. Action taken for personal joy opens gateways to generosity as “giving” brings joy to the heart…. and it is equally important to receive.

The path of self-discovery is challenging and requires a strong connection to Divine Source. Taken out of comfort zones, the individual learns to live within trust and faith. Awareness is key to receiving guidance and taking action in alignment with personal Truth.

For me, time with my beloved camera brings incredible joy to my heart. I love capturing the beauty in everyday life. My camera is a powerful gateway for Living within the Veils of the Heart.


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