Getting “down & dirty” rolling your dung ball!

Adult milkweed beetle
A milkweed beetle 

Last month I was gifted with an amazing milkweed beetle photo shoot at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve. The following day Facebook (FB) memories brought up my encounter a year ago with an Eastern Hercules Beetle, the largest beetle in the United States. … and the Eastern Hercules Beetle is a scarab beetle, the totem for my throat (Truth & communication) chakra.

It was clear beetle energy was “speaking” to me with a strong request for action.

Per Ted Andrews’ Animal Tarot deck, the Beetle is #7 of Shapeshifters (cups |water): Necessary Decisions for Goals.

Within the FB memory was sage advice on the beetle’s message compliments of Arch Angel Michael & dear, beloved Merlyn:

If goals are to be achieved, decisions must be made to release Self from the destruction of indecision. Creative chaos is ready for structure; if the chaos is allowed to continue via indecision, the powerful creative force nurtured over the prior time space may dissipate and/or become destructive. 

Eastern Hercules Beetle
Eastern Hercules Beetle 

Let go of concern about the “correct decision.” Quiet yourself, listen to your heart and make a decision – there is no wrong; it is important to make a decision. Directions are flexible and may be shifted in a later time space.

Be prepared to get “down & dirty” in your chosen path. Recall the scarab – sacred within your Egyptian lineage – roll mule dung, lay their eggs in the ball, and later push the dung ball to water for the young to begin their life spiral.

Start rolling your dung ball from the fallout of your decisions – do not judge what appears as unfortunate circumstance, breath deeply into your heart so you may know it is mere energy awaiting your dung ball. From the dung ball your new life comes forth!

So, my question: What decision am I to make? Answer: A year ago you made final commitments necessary for Living Within the Veils of Heart. Over the past months, you rolled an empowering dung ball from life experiences. Now, it is time to formally accept your invitation to cross through the veils into living where the Heart rules and polarity is no longer a paramount Earth force. WOW!

A milkweed beetle leader
An empowered leader easily makes decisions 

As our Universe travels further into the Light Side of the Galaxy, individuals must make decisions related to letting go of life structured within polarity and linear action paths. It is time to take 100% responsibility for all actions and incidents within one’s life. Releasing Martyr | Victim | Suffering – the grounding energies of the Piscean Age – is imperative to living within the Light.

Life as we knew it in the “Dark” was ruled by the Mind, a masculine force where linear logic and polarity are fundamental. Life in the “Light” is ruled by Heart, a feminine force where creative logic rules free from polarity restrictions.

Remember not making a decision is actually a decision, with disempowering ramifications. It is the time to quiet the Mind, access the Heart, and make decisions. … and be prepared to get “down & dirty” rolling a magnificent dung ball!

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