Learning to Flow in Life

In the March 2016 Georgia Tech Engineers for a Sustainable World talk introducing Sustainability of the Spirit, I spoke on three main topics:

  1. Living within your Heart
  2. Learning to Flow in Life
  3. Stepping out of One’s Comfort Zone

The June 25 Living within the Veils of the Heart post touched on the first topic.

Below is an excerpt from The IMPACT Blog article, Sustainability of the Spirit, a synopsis of the Georgia Tech inspirational talk :

Learning to “flow” in life is another important asset. When circumstances flow within a project, it is time to focus attention until the flow wanes. Then place the project on a side burner until the flow returns. Awareness of flow, or lack thereof, is essential to maintaining productivity and avoiding “splats.”

mini waterfall on stream
A visual for the “rapids of life”

Holly shared her perspective that life is a river filled with rapids complemented by clear, smooth current areas. When in the rapids of life, “splats” often occur when a rock or other obstacle abruptly stops flow. 

After “splatting,” a visit to the shore is essential to dissipate emotions, heal wounds and assess the best timing to re-enter the river. These respites vary from hours to days to sometimes years. Holly shared several examples of her life “splats.” Handling the scenario with patience and awareness is key to ultimate success

Another great post topic is “splat avoidance,” a talent that requires Living within the Veils of the Heart and developing astute awareness. More to come …

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