The Gift of Prayer

Prayers are powerful vehicles for conveying love to those ailing in an aspect of their lives. When gifted from the Heart, a prayer contains no boundaries nor intended outcome. The prayer is released within the Divine Feminine energy, free from masculine linear outcomes and polarity constraints.

Yet most prayers are conveyed with lovely intentions from the masculine Mind, bound by linearity, polarity, and devoid of the free-flowing feminine energy. Masculine existence is within the restrictions of polarity, where a polar opposite is required to balance the requested prayer.

Thus, when someone prays for world peace from the Mind, peace is accomplished yet at the cost of war or other disruption. In addition, a prayer for world peace defines the outcome and is within masculine energy boundaries.

Rather than pray for world peace (or a loved one’s healing), a prayer from the Heart sends sacred love to the situation (or individual) with no judgment attached to the outcome.

Example of a Heart Prayer:

Visual of a Sacred Heart Love Sphere

In sacred space, breathe deeply into the Heart until wondrous sacred love energy begins swirling. With intention, create a sphere and fill it with the swirling sacred Heart love energy; form a Heart connection chord for infinite replenishment.

Gift the sphere to Arch Angel Michael, Jesus or another Divine Being of choice to share with the individual’s (or organization, community, family, or whatever) Angelic, Ascended Master, & Intergalactic guiding team. With love, emphasize the sphere is simply a Gift of Love, with unlimited replenishment yet no caveats or restrictions. The sphere energy grows stronger each time it is called upon.

When a desired outcome is included within it, the prayer contains judgment and is from the masculine Mind. Until a few years ago, I attached the caveat for use “in the highest good.” With a strong nudge from Arch Angel Michael, I accepted “in the highest good” was a judgmental caveat.

At first, it is challenging to let go of defining a desired outcome. Yet once a Seeker remembers the human body existence shields one from the complete, holographic view of circumstances, the judgment inherent within designated outcomes is clear. Learn to pray from the Heart and engage the true Gift of Prayer!

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