The Sustainability of the Spirit Blog is the personal expression of Elemental Impact (Ei) Founder Holly Elmore and a cousin to the popular Ei Blogs, Zero Waste in ACTION and The IMPACT. Though authored by Holly, the Ei Blogs are written in “Ei’s voice” to document the important work accomplished within corporate sustainability realms.

In March 2016 Holly was a guest speaker at the Georgia Tech Engineers for a Sustainable World meeting. As a motivational topic was requested, Holly spoke on a subject dear to her heart, Sustainability of the Spirit! The IMPACT Blog article Sustainability of the Spirit recaps the inspirational talk.

Thus, the doorway opened to launch a quasi-personal blog that integrates Holly’s extensive business, environmental and entrepreneurial expertise with Truths from the Heart. An accomplished photographer, Holly grounds many of the posts with images captured by her beloved camera.

While the Ei Blogs are formally “Ei on-line magazines” due to the in-depth documentation within lengthy articles, Sustainability of the Spirit is written blog-style with shorter posts.

The Sustainability of the Spirit Blog is an exploration of Living within the Veils of the Heart. Please participate with comments and discussion. Enjoy the adventure!

To learn about her professional experience & accomplishments, visit Holly’s LinkedIN profile.