Introducing Sustainability of the Spirit

Today is monumental! The inaugural post on the Sustainability of the Spirit Blog is a solid step through a Gateway to a new life, a life where I live within the Veils of the Heart.

Young pink rose
A prominent young rose opens her beautiful Heart to unknown possibilities and leads by example.

Though personal in nature, the posts intertwine within the important work accomplished and in-progress at Elemental Impact (Ei), a national non-profit I founded in early 2010.

Years ago I created a life with blurred boundaries between my personal and professional life. Sustainability of the Spirit ignites the intersections within my eclectic lifestyle and catapults me into another dimension – thrilling, yet requires courage, tenacity and innate strength.

Over the past years my fingertip press published the Ei on-line magazines, The IMPACT and Zero Waste in ACTION, with grand success grounded in a powerful global audience. Sustainability of the Spirit is my foray into finding My Voice, standing in My Power and exploring My Truth.

As with the lovely rose, my Heart is open and I am ready to forge into the unknown possibilities of Living within the Veils of the Heart. My intent is to lead by example.

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